Trump Accidentally Jeopardizes US Air Base, Admits To Conspiring Against Qatar On Twitter

Well, Donald Trump is all “covfefe’d” up again this morning.

A little over 24 hours after sparking an almost universal backlash by calling the Mayor of London “pathetic” and lambasting the courts and his own Justice Department in an absolutely ridiculous series of tweets, the President is back at it.

Tuesday’s Twitter tirade takes the absurdity up another notch as Trump appears to confirm what we and others suggested on Monday. Recall this:

This very well may have Trump’s fingerprints on it, especially if Washington sees a way to scapegoat Qatar for both Sunni extremism and support for Iran.

If that was indeed the plan, one assumes it was supposed to be kept close to the vest but when it comes to Trump, America’s allies are quickly learning that the following disclaimer applies to any and all conversations with the administration:

Anything you say can and will be disseminated on Twitter.

Cue Trump:


Now first of all, he’s mad at the entire world for suggesting he should stop using Twitter.

But then, in a truly hilarious irony of ironies (that’s almost certainly lost on him), he immediately proves that everyone is right to be concerned about his increasingly reckless use of social media.

Because for all intents and purposes, he just admitted (on Twitter) to conspiring with the Saudis to undermine Qatar which hosts the largest US military base in the Mideast. As a reminder, the Al Udeid Air Base is home to 11,000 US military personnel.

One can only begin to imagine what the diplomatic fallout from this will be.

Or, summed up visually…



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