Mideast Stocks Slide As World Markets Respond To Wall Street Rout

“There is selling pressure and profit-taking across the board.”


Stocks In Qatar Dive Most Since Blockade As U.A.E. Says Fighter Jets Intercepted Airliner

“…a flagrant [and] serious threat to aviation safety.”

Chasing The Elusive Riyal In Qatar

Of crises, blockades, and discount riyals.

‘Great Again’

Are we there yet?

‘People Are Scared To Put Money In’ – Qatar Stocks Extend Horrific Slide

“…investors did not take the remarks as a sign that the dispute was moving closer to resolution.”

Qatar Stocks Plunge To Lowest Since 2013

“Remember: all of this so Saudi Arabia can deflect blame for Riyadh’s support of Sunni extremism and punish Doha for adopting a more conciliatory stance toward Tehran.”

Qatari Stocks Fall For 5th Day After Phone Call With Saudis Goes Horribly Wrong

If you have any ideas on how to get negotiations up and running again, please contact the appropriate parties in Riyadh and Doha – just make sure you don’t say they called you.

Qatar’s International Reserves Just Plunged 30% In One Month

Well that escalated quickly.

Saudi State Media Accuses Qatar Of Bribing ‘Sorcerers,’ ‘Harnessing Genies’

“Sorcerers from Senegal and Mauritania get millions of dollars after sheikhs in Qatar offer to bring down spirits and harness genies to solve the crisis.”

Geopolitics! Won At 4-Month Low, Lira Sinks, Trump Says ‘Very Severe’ Shit Is Goin’ Down

Well, the won is at four-month low against the dollar on Thursday because, well, because a mushroom cloud over Seoul isn’t an entirely far-fetched proposition. “The won is under pressure as it appears North Korea is getting closer and closer to its nuclear program and that is causing tension and apprehension in the Korean peninsula,”…

One CEO Is ‘Worried About Qatar’s Bonds’ Despite How Deliciously ‘Juicy’ They Are

“I worry about Qatari bonds more than equity. Every major bond fund has Qatari bonds on their portfolios.”

“A Major, Serious” Situation In Japan, PMIs Galore, And A Deadline For Qatar

Ok, so Shinzo Abe’s LDP suffered a stunning loss in Tokyo assembly elections over the weekend, winning their lowest number of seats ever, and that prompted calls for a cabinet reshuffle. “It looks like a tough situation,” LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai said on Sunday. “This is major, it’s serious,” independent political analyst Minoru Morita added. “He…

2 Charts Show How Worried Markets Are About Qatar Crisis


Stocks Dive In “Fearless” Qatar As Deadline Looms, Banks Halt Riyal Trading

“There is no fear from our direction. We are ready to face the consequences.”

An Open Letter From Al Jazeera To The World

“We have been accused of bias, of catalysing the Arab Spring, of having an agenda, and of favouring one group over another. We reject these allegations and our screens are a testament to our integrity.”