Before The Fed: China?! “An Illegal Siege” On Qatar! Crude Carnage. Oh, My.

Yeah, so this afternoon the Fed will almost surely hike and folks will be looking for answers to a whole lot of questions. The full preview is available here, but one thing you should note is that traders will be watching CPI and retail sales first and indeed, those prints may end up dictating the…


U.A.E Thinks It’s Bullshit That Qatar Spends Its Empire State Building Profits On Al-Qaeda

“Qatar cannot own stakes in the Empire State Building and the London Shard and use the profits to write checks to affiliates of al Qaeda.”

“This Is Much More Than A Spat”: What The Qatar Crisis Means For Global Energy Markets

“The latest incident, whereby a group of oil-producing Arab nations has cut ties with neighboring energy-exporting country Qatar, is much more than a simple diplomatic spat. Collectively, the countries involved control 29% of global crude oil and 33% of global liquid natural gas exports.”

What A “Buzz Kill”: Tech Selloff Goes Global

“There’s a chance U.S. internet technology stocks that have propelled a global stock rally will now serve as a buzz kill.”

“Send Your Savings To Me Now”: Qatar Hit With Dollar, Food Shortage Amid Bank Squeeze

“I spoke with my wife this morning. She said, ‘Send your savings to me now.’ I am not panicked but my family are scared,” said John Vincent, an air-conditioning repairman from the Philippines.

Cartoon Break (“Qatar – Fingers Crossed”)

Thumbs down. Fingers crossed.

Qatar In Crisis: A Guide To Markets, Sanctions, And Why A 20% Devaluation May Be In The Cards

In a week that was supposed to dominated by James Comey, Mario Draghi, and the UK elections, Qatar has so far stolen the spotlight. If you’ve been living in a cave for the past three days, Qatar is under diplomatic siege after long-simmering regional tensions finally came to a head after controversial remarks attributed to Qatari…

As Oil Plunges On Bearish Data, It’s Time To Ask If Qatar Crisis Could Undermine OPEC Deal

You know, I’ve gotta think that people may be underestimating the extent to which the drama between Qatar and Saudi Arabia might eventually end up impacting the OPEC production cuts. Markets seem to vaguely understand the possibility that the rift could have implications for the deal, but it doesn’t look priced in to me. To…

How Trump Went From Used Car Salesman To Qatar’s Biggest Critic In Just 2 Weeks

“We are friends, we’ve been friends for a long time now, haven’t we? Our relationship is extremely good, we have some very serious discussions right now going on, and one of the things that we will discuss is the purchase of lots of beautiful military equipment, because nobody makes it like the United States.”

CNN: FBI Believes Russian Hackers Planted Story That Triggered Qatar Crisis

Intelligence gathered by the US security agencies indicates that Russian hackers were behind the intrusion first reported by the Qatari government two weeks ago, US officials say..

Trump Accidentally Jeopardizes US Air Base, Admits To Conspiring Against Qatar On Twitter

Well, Donald Trump is all “covfefe’d” up again this morning…

Did The Saudis Make A Huge Mistake? Qatar Move Backfires As Iran Steps Up

It’s probably safe to say that the early “winner” in the spat between Qatar and the Saudis is Iran. And you know that’s gotta piss Riyadh off because the whole point of this was to punish Doha for adopting a conciliatory stance toward the Iranians and, more generally, to rein in what the Sunni community increasingly views…

Safety Sought: Yen Rallies As Markets Nervously Eye Potentially Dangerous Thursday

So on Sunday, in our week ahead preview, we noted that Thursday would bring a number of potential land mines and that, as usual, FX would be the transmission mechanism for markets. We’re getting a taste of that on Tuesday as the yen tops the G-10 leader board, rising to a six-week high against the stumbling…

BofAML Weighs In On Qatar: “Major Concessions Will Be Needed”

“Financial links are a key risk”…

Explaining The $1 Billion Hostage Deal FT Says Triggered Monday’s Qatar Drama

A hunting trip gone wrong…