Saudi State Media Accuses Qatar Of Bribing ‘Sorcerers,’ ‘Harnessing Genies’

Far and away the most important thing to understand about the Saudi-led effort to ostracize Qatar is that it is perhaps the most absurd example of glass-house-stone-throwing the world has ever seen.

Riyadh coming out and imposing an economic blockade on Doha as “punishment” for the latter’s efforts to support extremism is like McDonald’s banding together with Carl’s Jr. and Wendy’s to boycott Burger King for endangering the lives of Americans by pushing unhealthy fast food on customers.

Of course the Saudi-led coalition doesn’t give a shit about Qatar backing extremists. What the Saudis don’t like is Qatar deviating from the party line on Egypt and Libya and what they like even less is Doha’s relationship with Tehran. Oh, and they could do without al-Jazeera too.

This is obvious to everyone involved and indeed it’s one of those things that’s so readily apparent as to make explaining it to anyone who doesn’t understand it maddening. If you want a great juxtaposition, you’re encouraged to read two Op-Eds published by WSJ, one by the U.A.E., and one by Qatar:

Basically, the Saudis are trying to co-opt Doha’s foreign policy and ultimately, that won’t work.

Well, in a truly hilarious turn, Khalil Walid Abajoud of Saudi-owned Al Arabiya, decided it was a good idea to post this on Twitter yesterday:


What does that translate to?

We’re glad you asked. Roughly, this:

Sorcerers from Senegal and Mauritania get millions of dollars after sheikhs in Qatar offer to bring down spirits and harness genies to solve the crisis.

Or this:

Sorcerers from Senegal and Mauritania millions of dollars after their communication with elders in Qatar offered them life and rebate Commission to resolve the crisis.

Or this:

Mujahedeen from Senegal and Mauritania get millions of dollars after they communicate with the sheikhs in Qatar, offering them to take down lives and harness the jinn to solve the crisis.

Predictably, Twitter has lost its collective shit…

The ultimate irony is that this is coming from a country whose king was very recently photographed caressing a glowing orb (with al-Sisi no less)…




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