“Think People!” Gundlach Is Worried You Think Gundlach Isn’t Really Gundlach

Earlier today we suggested that Jeff Gundlach’s Twitter was almost guaranteed to be the gift that keeps on giving.

See, Jeff is new to Twitter and it shows. You can (and definitely should) read our accounts of his first week in the Twitterverse here:

In that second post we noted that Jeff, apparently unaware that people pretend to be celebrities with fake Twitter accounts all the time, is incredulous that there are fake Gundlach Twitter handles popping up.

According to one tweet, Gundlach thinks there could very well be a conspiracy afoot orchestrated by unnamed “competitors” who he thinks might be using Twitter to undermine him:

Right. “No surprise there!” Actually it would be surprising. In fact, it would be shocking. Can you imagine a room full of bond fund managers all sitting around creating fake Gundlach handles together?

Well, just as at least one new follower warned would probably happen, and just as anyone who has ever had a Twitter account could have predicted, Jeff is finding it hard to keep himself from angry tweeting.

Just hours ago we got his latest, which suggests that not only is Gundlach convinced that his “competitors” are conspiring against him by creating fake Gundlach accounts, he’s now worried that people are starting to get the idea that the real Gundlach account isn’t really Gundlach:

Yes, “how can this be?!”

Fucking “think people!!”

Gundlach has also added a bio (and a grainy picture which probably doesn’t help with the whole “real account” thing) in an apparent attempt to prove Gundlach is actually Gundlach. It reads as follows:

CEO, DoubleLine. 2011, Barron’s “New Bond King.” 2012, 15 and 16, Bloomberg “50 Most Influential.” Graduate Dartmouth, SCL, Math and Philosophy.

You gotta love that he put the “bond king” bit in there.

We expect to hear more incredulity from “JEG” in the days (and possibly hours) ahead as this “on-the-fly” Twitter training unfolds.


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