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Comey Satire: “I Heard Someone Screaming, And Then A Big Crash”

“The sound was consistent with that of a large object, such as a television set, being thrown through a closed window,” a Secret Service spokesman said.

Following the testimony we got on Thursday from former FBI Director and man who definitely wasn't fired because he was investigating the President's ties to Moscow, James Comey, you might be in need of a little comic relief. Unfortunately, Donald Trump didn't live tweet the proceedings, a decision that deprived America of what might very well have been one of the all-time epic Twitter meltdowns, but his son (the one who doesn't look like he got hit in the head with a sledgehammer early in life) was on the job and delivered a respectable dose of "covfefe" including this gem: [Note: If you want to see one truly ridiculous attempt to exonerate Trump, you're encouraged to check out "Comey Takeaway: Sen. Jim Risch Would Make A Terrible Hitman"] And while Trump Jr. and Americans with similarly low IQs somehow managed to get "vindication" from Comey's account of what sounded a lot like outright extortion, we can't help but think that whether he admits it or not, Trump knows damn well he didn't come out smelling like a rose on Thursday. Given that, we thought the latest piece from The New Yorker's satirist Andy Borowitz was
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2 comments on “Comey Satire: “I Heard Someone Screaming, And Then A Big Crash”

  1. Curt A Tyner says:

    This just keeps getting better and better. A tweet (sh*t) storm is coming you can count on it. I thought the loud noise through the window would have been Sessions or Comey’s special autographed picture he signed personally for “the donald”. Drip, drip, drip………….

  2. Nobody’s mind was changed by the testimony as I predicted. The anti-trumpettes and other assorted fiendish followers of of F-wadism are still feasting on imaginary visions of Russian collusion after the case for obstruction bascially becomes a Rorshach test.

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