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The Only Brexit Chart You Need…

"What is the EU?"...

As the populist "revolution" swept across Western democracies last year, one point we were keen on driving home was the extent to which folks like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and their ilk were lying to voters. Essentially, these would-be anti-globalist "heroes" marshaled support for their cause by capitalizing on the fear and xenophobia engendered by the rise of ISIS and the influx of refugees fleeing the war-torn Mideast. That fear and xenophobia was cultivated and transformed into a nationalistic fervor that scapegoated globalism and multiculturalism for problems that stemmed from forces that had very little to do with progressivism. The populist message resonated loudly with uneducated voters. That, clearly, is a recipe for disaster. And so, as exit polls in the UK point to political turmoil dead ahead, we thought this was a great time to remind you that this is the kind of thing that can happen when people are forced to make a momentous decision based not on an informed opinion, but almost solely on emotion. There's no better way to illustrate that point than to once again present the following Google Trends chart which shows that when the UK
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13 comments on “The Only Brexit Chart You Need…

  1. Irb Laster says:

    Just dead phvking wrong. In the contrary, Brexit will ultimately prove to insulate Britain from the coming EU implosion, a 100% mathematical certainty within a mere few years, exactly like the great British PM Margaret Thatcher saved the UK from the unfolding Euro disaster by insisting on rejecting the common currency.

  2. bigbritheacguy0001 says:

    I am constantly amazed at the self-professed intellectually superior elites’ inability to recognize the inescapable reality slapping them in the face every day.

    Note to TH; stick to what you do best, (NOT POLITICS!!!)

    Thank you.

  3. David Reed says:

    So 100 people didn’t know? Statistics, damn statistics, and lies they say

  4. Spunky McGregor says:

    I understand the Eurosceptics here from an emotional point of view, but I don’t understand it from a practical one. How is one little island nation going to be better off in the world by being removed from it’s closest geographical allies and trading partners? I don’t get it. I might be dense, but please help me out.

    Genuinely curious.

    • Anonymous says:

      They (Europe) could have one free trade agreement, but instead they chose the EU. Also, who says England has to be isolated post Brexit? Are the Germans going to refuse to sell cars in England now?? Reducing BS regulations are a plus for everyone unfortunately politicians will screw it up.

    • Mike (not that Mike) says:


      They are no more isolated than they were before. Trade will still happen.

      Somehow Switzerland survives as an island surrounded by an ocean of EU. Seems like they do a bit better than just survive, too.

  5. Badger says:

    It is nearly impossible to pick a frying pan up off the ground if you are standing on it

  6. Badger says:

    Globalization is going to work out just fine as long as there is a emerging market (third word poverty stricken back water nation) that is willing and able to do the heavy lifting! But that to shall pass

  7. Jeff says:

    The “lie” of engendering fear of multiculturalism is described as such by TH because admitting multiculturalism isn’t the superior, feel good, warm and fuzzy liberal pillar that it’s sold as risks unraveling other plot lines in the narrative and revealing them for the collectivist disasters they are and always have been.

    Multiculturalism equates to moral relativity, necessarily subverting your own culture and understandings of moral absolutes. It is self-defeating and the EU’s current slow motion devolution was set in motion from the very beginning.

    The “lies” are more likely those espoused by TH and others that denigrate individuals’ increasing understanding and realization of these truths, haughtily labeling them as base, xenophobic, racist, and stupid.

    Also lacking in “truthiness” is the assertion that the equally destructive collectivism of anti-globalist, Alt-right movements are wholly representative of the majority of voters and actors that are actually animating the push back against multiculturalism and “progressivism.”

    Hence, as the yet purest proxy for alt-right collectivism (protectionism, proper xenophobia), Marine Le Pen goes down in flames against an apparently reasonable banker. Same for Geert Wilders in Netherlands.

    Racism, xenophobia and stupidity are not the motive forces driving this geopolitical transition. Individualism is, as it forever remains the only opposing force to any form of collectivism. TH can’t (won’t?) see that because it would compromise his world view, and the ignorance sometimes stains his otherwise objective analysis and commentary.

    • I would gently suggest that you do a little research about Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders. You seem like an intelligent person and I bet if you spent a couple of hours, you will be horrified at what they’ve said and stand for regardless of your opinion on globalization.

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