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“That Bloody Brexit Referendum Fucked Us”: Pound Plunges On UK Election Turmoil

"It is becoming ever clearer that this country was completely fucked by that stupid bloody referendum."

There's a non-negligible risk that a poorly-run campaign by the Prime Minister delivers shambles instead of enhanced majority -- SocGen's Kit Juckes on Tuesday I imagine this has probably occurred to those readers who have closely followed things in the lead up to the UK election, but it's worth noting that while it looks really bad, the chart shown below will likely look a lot worse tomorrow if what we're seeing in the exit polls ends up being borne out: (Very) long story (very) short, this ain't gonna cut it: Conservatives projected to win 314 seats Labour 266 seats Liberal Democrats 14 seats Scottish National Party 34 seats UK Independence Party no seats When last Parliament (650 seats) was dissolved on May 3, Tories held 330 seats, Labour 229, SNP 54, Liberal Democrats 9, UKIP 1 That would leave Theresa May's Conservative Party short of an overall majority. In other words: a hung parliament. That could stall Brexit negotiations and create all kinds of uncertainty, which is what the pound is trying to price in, but if this (the vote) doesn't turn around, it's going "bigly" lower. By many accounts, to $1.24-ish.
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  1. The Real Alex Jones says:

    C’mon British peeps, stay strong, don’t bend over for the EU

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