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“Doug” Called Elizabeth Spiers A “Loser” – And Then It All Went Wrong For Doug

"But let's be clear: he was talking about you, Doug."

As regular readers are acutely aware, Heisenberg is no fan-o’-alt-Right bloggers.

My opinion of the alt-Right is based on real-life, first-hand experience and I can tell you definitively that the content produced by Breitbart and its progeny is poison and the worst thing about it is that the people force-feeding it to the gullible masses don’t believe it themselves.

That’s a theme we’ve explored at length in our coverage of Steve Bannon (see here, here, and here, for instance) and it’s also found expression in our humorous posts documenting the recent trials and tribulations of Alex Jones.

Simply put, you are being duped and exploited by people who don’t believe a word of what they’re saying.

In short, the “red pills” (a popular alt-Right meme) are poison.

Well apparently, a blogger of the “alt-Right kind” decided it was a good idea to challenge Elizabeth Spiers to defend her criticism of Donald Trump.

And at precisely that moment, it all went horribly wrong for “Doug”…



2 comments on ““Doug” Called Elizabeth Spiers A “Loser” – And Then It All Went Wrong For Doug

  1. Anonymous

    Of course he’s a liar. They’re all liars. Let’s see, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, check. Going back further, it’s the same crap. Can you give me the name of one truly honest man (or woman) with the capacity to lead this country, who would actually want the job? I see none who are willing to step-up and serve. Only snakes and idiots.

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous Thankfully, the degree to which these people are liars can be objectively measured. Trump isn’t even remotely in the same ballpark; the others do actually tell quite a bit of truth. You’re normalizing Trump. Don’t do that.

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