Someone Grabbed An Alex Jones Contributor And Took Him To A CIA Black Site (Insert LOLZ)



Tuesday Humor: Alex Jones Says Stock Plunge Is ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump

“Or maybe it is VERY BAD and the markets are finally catching up to the reality that Donald “Art of the Deal” Trump is president.”

Alex Jones Is Not A Fan Of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’


Russia Used Facebook To Organize Rally In Town Targeted By Breitbart, InfoWars

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast that the social-media giant “shut down several promoted events as part of the takedown we described last week.” The company declined to elaborate, except to confirm that the events were promoted with paid ads.

Joe Arpaio Pardon Is Brought To You By Alex Jones And His Vampire Invasion

Regular readers know we quite enjoy lampooning Alex Jones and his “news” outfit InfoWars. Alex is of course a standing joke. The stories he pushes are so far-fetched that I’m no longer sure “conspiratorial” is an adequate descriptor. Indeed, it’s no longer clear that the English language is a sufficient tool when it comes to…

That Time Alex Jones Replaced Alexa In Your Amazon Echo…

Well in the spirit of treating Alex like Alex deserves to be treated (that is, like the joke that he most certainly is, rather than as someone who reputable news outlets should be interviewing), here’s a fun clip of what it would be like if “Alexa Jones” replaced “Alexa” in Amazon’s Echo…

Breitbart Ads Plunge 90% In 90 Days As Day Of Reckoning Looms For Alt-Right Media

“There were just 26 brands appearing on Breitbart in May, down from a high of 242 in March.”

Alex Jones Will Pay You $1,000 To Buy A “CNN Is ISIS” Shirt From Him & Wear It On TV

“We want you to win and do not want to create a bunch of boring rules.” But there’s a bonus if you shout “”

“Doug” Called Elizabeth Spiers A “Loser” – And Then It All Went Wrong For Doug

“But let’s be clear: he was talking about you, Doug.”

Alex Jones Apologizes For Saying Chobani Yogurt And George Soros Conspired To Destroy Idaho


“Red Pills”

As regular readers know, we like to take a few minutes each day to “bully the alt-Right bullies,” so to speak. Some folks probably see this as a superfluous distraction from markets and/or from serious political commentary, but those folks are wrong. Here’s why… The alt-Right blogosphere (which is a global phenomenon) has become a mainstay…

Caught On Tape: Alex Jones Admits He’s A Fraud – “It’s Satire!”

I’ll admit that I can’t quite decide how to frame the ongoing Alex Jones versus the world+his ex-wife story. On one hand, it’s pure comedy gold. Jones and his InfoWars propaganda channel are the very definition of absurd. So the fact that he’s having to sit in court and watch tapes of himself screaming about…

Alex Jones Is Pissed At Yogurt: Chobani Sues InfoWars For Defamation

It just gets worse and worse – and funnier and funnier.

Alex Jones Is A Dope Smokin’, Zebra Eatin’, Pantless Fit Parent

“Does chili affect your memory?”
“Big bowl o’ chili?”

Heisenberg Hate Mail Bag: “Dirty Dogs,” Monkeys, & Bisexual Frogs

“You Heisenbergers are dirty dogs on this one.”