That Time Alex Jones Replaced Alexa In Your Amazon Echo…

Right, so Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones and a lot of people – including, ultimately, Alex Jones himself – weren’t happy about it.

To be sure, it’s not really clear why Kelly decided it was a good idea in the first place.

There’s exactly zero chance that anyone who takes Jones seriously is going to be swayed into rethinking their support and it’s not at all clear that there’s much anyone can do to shut him down.

So there’s an argument to be made that the only thing you do by interviewing him is legitimize InfoWars, a paradoxical outcome from a piece that was ostensibly designed to shed light on how fucking crazy he is.

Far and away the best way to cover Alex is simply to lampoon him and to be sure, he makes it pretty fucking easy. For anyone who missed them, here are some of our more amusing posts on Jones:

Well in the spirit of treating Alex like Alex deserves to be treated (that is, like the joke that he most certainly is, rather than as someone who reputable news outlets should be interviewing), here’s a fun clip of what it would be like if “Alexa Jones” replaced “Alexa” in Amazon’s Echo…



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