Alex Jones In Court: It’s Not Real, I’m “Playing A Character”

Alex Jones In Court: It’s Not Real, I’m “Playing A Character”

Here's something that, on the surface, doesn't seem like it's worth highlighting. In fact however, it's pretty important for what it says about the alt-Right blogosphere. I've argued on any number of occasions that popular alt-Right sites prey on the uneducated by pushing conspiracy theories and other off-the-wall memes in a relentless quest for page views. Over the past several years, many of these sites have displayed a perceptible bias towards Russian interests. To be sure, this was problem
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8 thoughts on “Alex Jones In Court: It’s Not Real, I’m “Playing A Character”

    1. no one should push propaganda period. that’s why “propaganda” has a negative connotation. now you can apply the “propaganda” label to whatever you want in an effort to disparage it, but I would encourage you to watch the alex jones clip in the linked post above and ask yourself if that’s something you think has any place in serious political debate.

  1. So much Alex Jones’ “performance art” effects too many people who think it is all true and everything else is fake/propaganda and those people is why we have Trump in the White House. Unfortunately, one of his biggest fans is Trump.

    Remember this: Jones and Trump heavily praised each other during the December 2 interview. Jones claimed Trump has been “vindicated” about his false 9-11 U.S. Muslims celebration claim, said “90 percent” of his audience supports Trump, and told the candidate he’s “shown your knowledge of geopolitical systems.” Jones went on to say that Trump is “a true maverick,” and “what you’re doing is epic. It’s George Washington level.” Trump returned the favor, telling Jones: “Your reputation’s amazing. I will not let you down.”

    That’s the kind of damage done to the United States. A difference of opinion is not the same as what Jones spews. Trump should never have been elected but it was sort of like the “perfect storm” and he came across the finish line….and in my opinion, with a lot of help from Russia. Time will tell and the investigations will continue.

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