Call Alex Jones “A Russian” One More Time…

Ok, so those who frequent these pages know that we have … how should we put this? … “reservations” about the alt-Right media.

There’s a good reason for that. And it has nothing to do with politics.

See, the alt-Right blogosphere exists to do one thing: make money off of uneducated netizens who, by virtue of their ignorance, are vulnerable to conspiracy theories, and are thus prone to sit around all day and hit the “refresh” button in hopes that whoever happens to be on the other end of the site they frequent has just posted some new “bombshell” story that supposedly proves that either Barack Obama is running a shadow government out of his basement or that the CIA planted tracking devices in Americans’ brains while they slept last night.

Between concocting lies, they’ll sprinkle in a few real stories of one sort or another to try and maintain some veneer of legitimacy.

That’s how it works.

And it’s all a charade designed to maximize page views by exploiting the audience and in many cases, the folks who run these outlets don’t believe a word of what they’re saying.

One of the grand champions of this is Alex Jones. You might know Alex as the guy who recently had to apologize for accusing a pizza store owner of running a child sex ring. Or as the guy who always looks like his head is going to explode. Or, perhaps you know him as the guy who Donald Trump “doesn’t want to let down”…


Well like many of his alt-Right co-conspirators, Alex Jones is really – really – angry at Adam Schiff. Why? Simple. Because Schiff is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee that is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Listen below as Jones very calmly explains how he will “beat your goddamn ass, you son of a bitch” if you “call [him] a Russian” just one more time …


Here’s a Heisenberg pro tip: if you frequent any sites that have ever cited Alex Jones, those might be good candidates for removal from your bookmarks list.


1 comment on “Call Alex Jones “A Russian” One More Time…

  1. Curt Tyner

    That was grrrrreat! WTF, WTF, wow hey Alex why don’tyou grind your teeth flat in 45 sec.’s. He has to be on something after all I might have run into a similar problem with….. er…friends of mine. These people are crazy “nuff” said. Peace folks…

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