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Alex Jones Is Not A Fan Of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’


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2 comments on “Alex Jones Is Not A Fan Of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

  1. The guy (Jones) is a total fraud and performance artist himself. I’m sure he welcomes the opportunity given to him by Michele Obama and whoever created this program to create his own side-show – probably worth millions in sales of vitamins or whatever else he is peddling.

    That said, the “DQSH” is a sideshow itself, promulgated by the other team to provoke a ridiculous response from people like Jones. They feed on each-other, and both profit, by design.

    Furthering diversity awareness and sensitivity from a young age is a worthy cause, but I have a feeling that most parents would probably opt their kids out of a program like DQSH just on the basis of its name. Similarly, I’m thinking most parents would block access to Jones – but who knows.

    Wise parents would enrich their children with the knowledge of how both of these “shows” are intended to manipulate them in the direction the purveyors are inclined to direct them.

  2. Parents are uncomfortable having “tolerance” shoved into their children’s heads by agenda-driven activists. A more subtle “dress up for real,” including gay, straight, male, female, bi, trans, etc. would more effectively introduce diversity. Otherwise, it’s divisive identity-baiting.

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