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Chart Check: Brexit Versus Le Pen

Is Le Pen "mightier" than ... err... Le Brexit?

First thing this morning, I brought you a fresh look at the spread between April and May VSTOXX futs – a barometer for how European equities are pricing French election risk.

If you’re perceptive and/or inquisitive, you might be wondering how the comp looks with the lead up to the Brexit vote.

That is, what was the vol spread prior to the Brexit referendum, what is it now, and how does the pace of the widening prior to a potential political land mine compare?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Here, have a look and draw your own conclusions:




1 comment on “Chart Check: Brexit Versus Le Pen

  1. Curt Tyner

    Remember, “Oh this fool can’t possibly win”. Or WTF “How did this happen”? Or the sinking feeling after the fool won of, “Now what”? “She can’t possibly win”, WTF “How did she win” to “Now what? Start calling, emailing anyone you know here and in France, I did today.

    One event could turn the EU on it’s head with possibly more Trumps or worse running around.

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