Here’s What’s Coming Up For Markets

Here’s What’s Coming Up For Markets

So here we are, priced to perfection in stocks. And in credit. Never mind the increasingly tenuous political reality in which we're all forced to trade thanks largely to a populist uprising that's upending the established political order both at home and abroad (I know, I know, "populism is Democracy!", "the whole point is to upend the system!," "we need a reset!" - bullsh*t, bullsh*t, and more bullsh*t - all negative for your portfolio in the long-term). Sundays are supposed to be quiet days
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One thought on “Here’s What’s Coming Up For Markets

  1. WTFu*k Greece will never to be able to repay anything into the distant future the IMF/EU Finance are just putting a band aid on a decapitation in hopes of a miracle at the polls. Greece should have left the EU years ago for their own good.

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