Chart Check (“Gold”en Opportunity)

You know when you think about it, it probably makes sense to go long gold in a Trump administration.

I mean really, that should be the most crowded trade of the year.

To hell with long USD and short Treasurys, we should all be long shiny doorstops -“bigly”.

And no, not because Trump’s going to bring about the apocalypse, but because what the hell else would you be long if not gold when this guy runs the world?…


Anyway, in yet another vivid example of the disconnect between complacent equity markets (as measured by the VIX) and everything else, have a look at the following from BofAML:


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4 thoughts on “Chart Check (“Gold”en Opportunity)

  1. H-You’re right the Orange/julius will not bring the apocalypse the “great” $$$ policies of the world’s “wonderful” central banks have beaten him to it. One hugely event in the EU, then mix in a little vix throw in one or two more EU elections, a little more vix, then drop the debt bomb on Greece, Italy, (maybe a few more to boot), a little more vix a bigly shake and WAAAH LAA. 500 million Europeans in their own pre-apocalypse, warm-up the presses a little more debt/devaluation will solve this issue. Why yes some physical gold and silver with bitcoin (or equivalent) would help if the orange/julius will not bring an apocalypse. Can that happen? U bet. Could this affect US? U bet. Look around folks, how is this status quo “thing” working out for you so far?
    Na, don’t worry we got jobs aplenty coming, a useless wall (really a good use of our $$), no health care in your future, Shi*ty air, Fu*ked up ground water, the best schools, the best foreign policy, the best deregulation of our already bloated Too Big To Fail banks. “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”.

    1. Well,you can always sell off and move to an island in Belize. Nice climate if you are off shore and not in the heat of the inland. Had a friend that owned an island down, nice getaway.

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