2016: The Year In Charts

2016: The Year In Charts

Well, it’s been an interesting year.

What started out as nothing short of a disaster (courtesy of China jitters and plunging crude prices) ended with a Trump-inspired flourish as the Dow very nearly cracked 20K last week (Jeremy Siegel is laughing somewhere).

In between there was the so-called “Shanghai Accord” which effectively gave risk the go-ahead by securing a few months of respite from the strong dollar and the OPEC/non-OPEC supply cut deals that served to give crude a new lease on life.

We also got a Fed cut, some ECB taper chatter, a December push to 14-year highs for the USD, and a sharp rise in US yields courtesy of Trump’s surprise election victory in November (which triggered some five three-sigma moves across markets).

Of course that’s not everything that happened. But rather than recount it all in boring old prose, here are some pretty pictures instead.

From The Economist:





From Bloomberg:






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