Where The Risks Are: A Spider Web Of Financial Excess

“Mostly reassuring.”


‘Clearly, Investors Are Feeling Good’: Here’s The ‘Euphoria’ Chart Again

Low vol., “humans” cited.

David Stockman Asks: ‘Dow 25,000, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’

“…we know of no melt-up that had legs of more than a few months after the point that irrational exuberance went full retard, as is happening at this very moment.”

‘What Goes Up’: Everything.

And you know what they say about “what goes up”…

Jeremy Grantham Calls For Blow-Off Top: ‘Brace Yourself For A Melt-Up’

“A range of 9 to 18 months from today and a price rise to around 3,400 to 3,700 on the S&P 500 would show the same 60% gain over 21 months as the least of the other classic bubble events.”

Paul Krugman Warns On Bitcoin, Tech Bubble, Iran And China In First Missive Of 2018

“How confident would you feel?”

Albert Edwards Is Irritated At Bitcoin

“How do you know when an asset price rise has turned into a bubble?”

Bubble Trouble.


This Index Just Hit Its Highest Level On Record

“I flipped on my computer and I was hit with a barrage of price alerts telling me some security was setting a record.”

I’m Out Of Bullets, How About You?

Can I borrow your double-edged sword?

Which Bubble Got Off To The ‘Bubbliest’ Start?

And so, having already grown faster in its initial stages than every other notable bubble on the list (and they probably should have included housing in Canada and Sweden), the only question now is whether it will continue to rise and ultimately surpass the 2+ year, exponential rally in BitCoin. 

If it does, Seth Golden will be one of the richest people on the planet

Chart Of The Day: Mom & Pop Cash Levels Fall To Lowest Since 2000

“Comparisons to the dot-com bubble are usually overblown but”…

(In)stability In One Chart

“Indeed, measures of financial stability look stretched”…

Gold Flash Crashes, “Jubilant” Germans, And Bank Bailouts

Well, gold plunged $18 in seconds on surging volume (18k contracts in a one-minute window) for no apparent reason, falling from 1,253 to test 1,236, the 200-DMA at around 4 a.m. EST. That’s being chalked up to a “fat finger,” and the follow through for the dollar and yields was readily apparent, with Treasurys diving…

Populism Partly To Blame For End Of Bond Bubble: Strategist

“There are few places to hide for bond investors in this environment”…