Albert Edwards Is Irritated At Bitcoin

Albert Edwards Is Irritated At Bitcoin

Listen, Albert Edwards has a bone to pick with Bitcoin and that's this: the cryptocurrency's meteoric rise is keeping people from focusing on all the other bubbles he likes to talk about. As you're no doubt acutely aware, it's all a bubble. Every, single last bit of it. Bonds, credit, and equities are the most simultaneously rich they've been since the 1920s. Remember this chart from Goldman?... Of course part of the reason that chart looks like it does is because the low inflation environm
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3 thoughts on “Albert Edwards Is Irritated At Bitcoin

  1. It’s not that assets are so attractive, it is the fact that dollars lose value if you hold them. That’s policy. Crazy when it is deferred consumption that drives capitalism (saving). By screwing the savers, they’ve killed the golden egg laying goose. No going back now as higher rates cannot be absorbed by the grossly indebted institutions of the planet. The bubble was always fiat, it has ended with alt currencies now growing like a sinkhole.

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