BlackRock Won’t Touch Bitcoin, But They’ll Gladly Sell You An ETF Nightmare

“…to all the Bitcoin fans and crypto-crazies out there, I’ve got good news: I’m siding with you on this one.”


While Vanguard Is Having An ‘Identity Crisis’, I Just Want To Know If I’m ‘Passively’ Or ‘Actively’ Long Jesus

“Are they active or passive?”

Revisiting The ‘Long Jesus’ ETF Craze

I’ll say one thing for them: they’ve got a lot of balls. 

‘Passive’ Aggressive: Here Are The Stocks Most At Risk Of Being Dumped If Flows Reverse

So you know, feel free to throw some shade towards that assessment if that’s how you’re feelin’, but…

Goldman: Passive Shift Leads To Plunge In Float Available For Fundamental Investing

“The share of stock that might trade on fundamental views has dropped to 77% for S&P500 average stock from 95%” in the space of just 10 years.

‘I Can’t Do It’

“I can’t do it. I can’t embrace the machines and the vol selling and the ETF parade and the central bankers’ “communication policy”. So I’m NOT happy. I don’t sleep well. I DON’T trust the Fed, much less love them, and I never will.”

The End Of The World: E*Trade Yacht Commercial Edition

“The dumbest guy in high school just bought a boat.”

When ‘Trillions Of Dollars’ Goes ‘Blind’: Howard Marks Is Worried About ETFs & Passive Investing

“ETFs don’t have fundamental analysts, and because they don’t question valuations, they don’t contribute to price discovery.  Not only is the number of active managers’ analysts likely to decline if more money is shifted to passive investing, but people should also wonder about who’s setting the rules that govern passive funds’ portfolio construction.”

Goldman Exits ETF Market Making, Leaves You In Capable Hands Of “Lesser-Known” Firms

“While some of our liquidity providers have narrowed their presence, it has opened the door for many more firms to enter the marketplace with positive results.”

‘Uncharted Territory In ETF Land’: Inflows To Market ‘WMDs’ Blow Away Records

“We’ve said this before and to be sure, it’s not a popular thing to say if you’re hanging out with retail investors or anyone who isn’t an active manager, but fuck it”…

The Problem With ‘Simple’ Markets

“The only people who don’t think this market is simple are hedge funds and perma-bears who try to make it complex. Yet even as they are continually wrong, they are right.”

Who’s Super Excited About Momentum Smart Beta ETFs For Q3?!

All of your hands should be raised…

You Could Invest In The New Quincy Jones ETF, But Quincy Doesn’t Recommend It

“Disclaimers by Quincy Jones: Quincy Jones is not the issuer or a sponsor or promoter of the Fund; has not passed upon the merits of the Fund or the suitability of the Fund Shares as an investment by any person; and does not offer, sell, or recommend any investment in Fund Shares.”

ETFs To The Rescue!

“ETFs own almost 6% of the equity market, the highest ETF share on record. In contrast, mutual fund ownership fell to its lowest level since 2004 (24%).”

Peter Pan’s Revenge: Kuroda Thinks You’re Crazy To Think BoJ Is Not Still Crazy

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”