Abdication Is ‘Unthinkable’: Saudis Insist King Salman Won’t Relinquish Throne

“There is no possibility whatsoever that the king will abdicate,’’ one official said, in response to written questions on Sunday, adding that Saudi kings are in the habit of remaining in power even when they’re sick and besides, King Salman “enjoys perfect physical and mental powers.”


“Today’s market is in desperate need of a “Value Investor’s DeadPool.” With the constant fleeing of capital from active management into passive (most of which can certainly not be described as moving into “value”), the pain for those investors still believing that buying cheap companies has merit is intense.”

Sheep Logic.

“There’s no domesticated animal species that has had more of a reputational fall from grace than the sheep. To call someone a sheep today is just about the worst insult there is. To call someone a sheep is to call them stupid and — more pointedly — stupidly obedient and in thrall to some bad shepherd.”

Trump To Declare Iran Deal Not In America’s Interests, Setting Stage For Epic Disaster

Let me just be as clear as possible: this is a potentially disastrous decision. He is going to open the door for Iran to resume its nuclear weapons program and indeed, by effectively spitting in the face of all the parties involved in crafting the deal, he is going to further isolate Washington from the rest of the world.