Trump Wakes Up With ‘Wacky Wilson’ On The Brain, Says Media Conspiracy ‘Finally Sinking Through’

Donald Trump decided to sleep in on Sunday morning and take a break from the kind of egregious social media tirades that have plagued his presidency and undercut his agenda since the inauguration.

I’m just kidding.

He was up early and the first thing he did was tweet about “wacky Wilson”:


Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Literally everything “wacky Wilson” said turned out to be true and on top of that, video and transcripts of the 2015 speech that John Kelly claimed was an affront to fallen FBI agents revealed that in reality, the General actually lied about the Congresswoman during his Thursday press conference. You can watch the full video here, and I think you’ll agree that there is simply no other way to interpret it than as follows: Wilson talks about the building (which makes sense, because you know, it’s a dedication ceremony for a building) and then she proceeds to talk about the agents. That’s that. There’s just nothing there to criticize other than her style (which is kind of abrasive) and maybe that stupid-ass red hat. If that’s the route you want to go, well then we would concede those points, but somehow, we’re not sure style and hat choice are what’s in question in this ongoing feud.

Bottom line: if the “wacky Wilson” saga has been a “disaster” for anyone, it’s Donald Trump and John Kelly, who have now managed to create the impression that they’re trying to install a goddamn military dictatorship at 1600 Penn.

And he wasn’t done. Here he is claiming that the purported “fakeness” of the media is starting to “sink through” (which, apparently, is what you get when you plug “sink in” into a translator that turns “English” into”Trump”:


He’s referring to a Politico poll. Here are some excerpts from the piece they did:

Nearly half of voters, 46 percent, believe the news media fabricate news stories about President Donald Trump and his administration, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

Just 37 percent of voters think the media do not fabricate stories, the poll shows, while the remaining 17 percent are undecided.

More than three-quarters of Republican voters, 76 percent, think the news media invent stories about Trump and his administration, compared with only 11 percent who don’t think so. Among Democrats, one-in-five think the media make up stories, but a 65 percent majority think they do not. Forty-four percent of independent voters think the media make up stories about Trump, and 31 percent think they do not.

That’s not exactly surprising although it is disheartening in terms of what it says about Republican voters because although there’s a readily apparent media bias against this President, more often than not, the negative coverage is supported not just by incontrovertible facts, but by things Trump has himself said in public, out loud, to people with working ears.

This is the Steve Bannon post-truth world: Trump has succeeded in making his base believe that the media is fake, even when the stories the media is writing are based on Trump’s own tweets.

When, you might ask, will it finally “sink through” for those folks? Well probably never, but when he’s impeached, that group of willfully ignorant Americans will face the ultimate existential threat to their own sanity: they’ll either have to accept that he’s no longer President, or pretend like he still is.

“The ratings will be tremendous.”



3 thoughts on “Trump Wakes Up With ‘Wacky Wilson’ On The Brain, Says Media Conspiracy ‘Finally Sinking Through’

  1. “Nearly half of voters, 46 percent, believe the news media fabricate news stories about President…”

    This is understandable, makes all the sense in the world. That 46% probably includes a large proportion of people who get most of their news from the Fox network, which clearly fabricates much of their coverage of the President. Fox may be the only major media outlet proven to have fabricated news stories about the President.

  2. I try and rationalize the poll results. Assume there will always be about a third that continue to believe he is God. The 17% who don’t know how they feel…they change their minds constantly, depending upon what the news story is about or won’t commit one way or another so I don’t count them as stupid, just timid.

    So now we are dealing with roughly 10% who puzzle me. One thought is those folks say to themselves, media must be making this up or parts of it because it is impossible for an adult human who has reached the age of 72ish and some success cannot possibly be that fucking nutz.

    OR that percentage sees and hears what we all see/hear and think the media is “making it up” in the sense of continuous harping on it (whatever the “it” is that got their attention) for days and days, hours after hours, show after show – to the degree of making up the seriousness of the “it”. Overkill, so to speak. In some cases, that one “it” is set aside because numbnutz has already done another “it” and everyone is now concentrated on the new “it”. As reliable as rain, there will always be a new “it”.

    We still have about 54% that know the media is not fabricating the stupid shit this cretin says and does. And as I suggested, really only 10% has slipped thru the crack (temporarily) for a couple of reasons.

    The remaining 36%ish will eventually watch him shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still vote for him.

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