‘They Won’t Be Here Much Longer!’ Trump Says He’ll Destroy North Korea, Threatens To Fire NFL Players

‘They Won’t Be Here Much Longer!’ Trump Says He’ll Destroy North Korea, Threatens To Fire NFL Players

So on Saturday, Pyongyang's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, speaking before the United Nations, said the following with regard to Donald Trump's nickname for Kim and threats to "totally destroy" North Korea   Now besides being hilarious, that is exactly what we were trying to convey the other night when we penned "‘What Happens If An Airliner Comes Down?’ Trump, Kim, And The H-Bomb Threat." Here's an excerpt from that post: Trump clearly has no conception of why that approach can’t a
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2 thoughts on “‘They Won’t Be Here Much Longer!’ Trump Says He’ll Destroy North Korea, Threatens To Fire NFL Players

  1. There you have it. A Trump-ed up vision of “freedom” for US citizens under the current administration – actually the lack thereof. Under Trump #MAGA – if you don’t agree with his political policies you can be fired for not genuflecting to the current political symbols representing him and his administrations policies. He clearly thinks he and his vision are being dissed personally along with the flag.

    No doubt our flag can represent the efforts of many past patriots and heroes who made ultimate sacrifices to make that flag represent real freedom from political oppression. However, today – currently, real time – you have to separate the flag’s past representations – now recorded history and not threatened by anyone other than Trump – from those it currently represents (white supremacist, KKK, neo-nazi and other forms of facism) under the radical right administration of Donald Trump and his Congressional enablers. One could argue that the Stars Stripes that fly under Trump are not the same Stars and Stripes of a country that was once free and where its’ Presidents had more important responsibilities than to threaten (illegally by the way) professional sports players or individuals other professions and were confident enough to let a free country’s justice system deal with freedom of expression issues. In reality, national symbols like flags can only represent the present – the flags past representations – glorious or shameful – are represented by history – not symbols – just like the people and their politics.

    Finally, this is just one more example of Trump being incompetent and willfully ignorant of the duties and legal requirements of the Office of President and publicly demonstrating his growing and glaring mental instability. It isn’t a shame for a person to become mentally ill when it is beyond their control, but rather the expected symptoms of mental illness. It is a shameful crime when the Congress and other representatives of the voting public – do not meet their Constitutional responsibilities and do what they are Constitutionally and legally required to do – remove a mentally unstable President from office.

    We can only hope that voters will serve notice of Congress’s failure to act responsibility and honor their duty as responsible voters to remove the irresponsible Republican Leadership from office in the 2018 elections.

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