LeBron James Calls Trump A ‘Bum’, NFL Says President ‘Lacks Respect For The Game’

LeBron James Calls Trump A ‘Bum’, NFL Says President ‘Lacks Respect For The Game’

So last night, Donald Trump did his best impression of your drunk, verbally abusive uncle after a case of Miller High Life on Sunday afternoon.

For those who missed it, here’s the clip:


So pleased was Trump with his debut as an NFL analyst that he decided to try his (small) hand at delivering some commentary on the NBA, lashing out on Twitter at Steph for the latter’s decision to decline an invitation to visit the White House:


Here’s Curry’s simple rationale:

We don’t stand for what our President has said. We won’t stand for it.

There you go. Of course that was before Trump’s tweet, which means that Trump saying the invitation is “withdrawn” is a lot like “firing” someone who has already quit.

Well needless to say, Trump’s Friday night comments about the NFL and his Saturday morning Twitter tantrum have been met with an immediate backlash.

Here, for instance, is the NFL’s official response:

Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.

And then, in a true testament to the fact that no one outside of Paul Ryan is intimidated by the would-be autocrat who, for the time being anyway, occupies the Oval Office, LeBron James had this to offer:


Yes, going to the White House used to be a great honor. Just ask Steph…


Oh, and here’s Chris Paul:

6 thoughts on “LeBron James Calls Trump A ‘Bum’, NFL Says President ‘Lacks Respect For The Game’

  1. for F-sakes trump–get a life.
    you are talking to America’s football teams.
    do the same to Nascar and you probably will get voted out of office.
    a lot of business people “DID BELIEVE IN YOU”, now not so much.

  2. This is a kind of the pot (professional sports game) calling the kettle (political game) black(er) and visa versa. It’s also another example of the masses being incapable of distinguishing and evaluating reality from games.

    It’s also why a democracy of the average intellect – can’t out smart the elite, much smarter and well resourced private organizations and institutions now capable of electing and owning politicians – and as many as they chose. The 2016 election could not have demonstrated this better – regardless of whether Trump (Russia) or Clinton (Wall Street) were elected. Like Obama (insurance industry) and Bush (oil and MIC) before them – they were pre-owned by big money interest before they were elected.

  3. So true Durwood my friend and you can forget about the Bullsh*t of how pols can distinguish between good money and bad money. What a joke, bribery is just that and stealing is stealing and that would be period. Get $$$ out of politics, presidential races should be no more than 3 months with house and senate races 2 months (if you can’t make up your mind in that amount of time we shouldn’t let you vote anyway) and please just shut-up and sit down if you think Citizen’s United is a good idea.

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