Trader: ‘Don’t Hold Out For Peak P/E’

“Yet, like all good things, it eventually ended.”


Is It Time To Add Risk? One Bank Thinks Maybe

“We think it is overdone and has created opportunity for long and short term investors.”

One Bank Brings You The ‘Word From Main Street’, And The Word Is…

Apparently, Wall Street needs to conduct surveys to get a read on what the “word” from Main Street is, because after all, if you’re working in lower Manhattan and pulling in a cool 300k, you’re probably not spending a lot of time hanging out with the poors in social settings.

David Stockman: Forget The FBI, This Is The ‘Real Raiding Party’

“While the FBI was raiding the offices of Trump’s lawyer yesterday afternoon, the CBO published a blockbuster report evidencing the Donald’s own raiding party.”

$1 Trillion Here We Come! New CBO Forecast Probably Won’t Please Trump

#MALFRTIAW: Make America less fiscally responsible than it already was.

Goldman’s Buyback Desk Has Most Active 2 Weeks In History

Well it’s time for another update on how corporate America intends to spend the windfall from the GOP tax cuts…

‘Is Nobody Gonna Tell Him?’ MAGA And The Pedal To The Metal Economy


I’m Long Stocks And Short Poor People As A Hedge

Of course this “fundamentals-based” excuse will be couched almost entirely in terms of the assumed sugar high from myopic fiscal stimulus and deficit-funded tax cuts.

Listen You Ingrates, Paul Ryan Wants You To Know That $1.50 Is A Lot Of Money These Days

I mean fuck me, do you want a free Costco membership or don’t you?!

Wall Street Warns Of ‘Supply Floodgate’ As Trump’s Tax Bill Balloons Deficit

So when you hear conspiracy theories about upwardly revised projections with regard to Treasury supply, just know that there is no conspiracy. There is just reality. And the reality is this…

2 Reasons To (Maybe) Ignore Q4 Earnings

Show of hands: who’s looking forward to earnings season?

David Stockman Unveils The ‘Watchword For 2018’: ‘UNHINGED!’

“That refers to Wall Street, Washington, the Dems and the GOP, and all the far and near corners of the planet which are implicated in their collective follies.”

‘Capitalist Suicide’: What’s Wrong With This Chart?

Grab the torches and the pitchforks.

‘America’ Leaves Package Of Literal Horse Shit On Steve Mnuchin’s Bel Air Driveway

“LAPD Sgt. R. Briggs described the contents of the package to be horse feces.”

‘You All Just Got A Lot Richer’: Trump Explains Tax Plan To Mar-a-Lago Elite

“President Trump kicked off his holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago Friday night at a dinner where he told friends”…