‘This Is A Disgrace’: Bernie Sanders Furious After Reporter Tweets Goldman Note On Banks And Tax Plan

“Feel the ‘Bern'”


In Op-Ed, Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Ask Who Congress Really Works For

“The task in front of Congress over the coming week boils down to a basic question: Does Washington work for all of us or just for those at the top?”

‘This Is Just More QE’: The Tax Bill Explained In One Sentence

This is trickle-down economics in the extreme, and what’s particularly amusing about that as it relates to markets is that the presumed “wealth effect” of QE was trickle-down in nature as well.

Bob Corker Demands Answers After Finding Out Tax Bill Will Make Him Richer

I guess my question for all the “working families” the GOP tax bill is supposed to help would be this: how many real estate LLCs do you have stakes in?


Nobody pull the wrong block.

A Christmas Miracle: Treasury Creates $1.8 Trillion In 470 Words

Don’t forget to laugh.

A December Hike And Yellen’s Last Hurrah: Full Week Ahead Preview

A snowy hike and so much more.

Goldman Answers 7 Questions About Their 2018 U.S. Equity Outlook

“How can you be “rationally exuberant” about the path of US stocks in 2018 when equity valuations are so high?”

Ray Dalio Is ‘SALT’y About Tax Reform

“While we have talked a lot about the effects of growing wealth and opportunity disparities in America, we haven’t talked enough about”…

#TaxScamBill Is Trending After Pictures Of Hand-Scribbled Margin Notes Go Viral

“They are scribbling in the margins. What could go wrong?”

American Families Are Now One Step Closer To Getting A Corporate Tax Cut For Christmas

“Not a single member of this chamber has read the bill.”

What If This Is The Top? A Truly ‘Taxing’ Concern

“But here is another idea. Although I agree the tax cuts are far from being priced in, what if this change causes a massive rotation out of growth and into value/financial/stocks-that-benefit-most from tax cuts, and in doing so, causes volatility to rise? If volatility rises, then for a whole host of different reasons, market participants will be forced to de-lever their stock portfolios.”

Leftovers: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, look: if you’re still hungover from a combination of turkey, greasy mashed potatoes, and copious amounts of not-quite-top-shelf red wine, it’s time to snap out of it because last week is melting into this week as tends to happen historically on Sundays.

Some Inconvenient Truths.

You’re welcome…

How To Hedge Against A 5% S&P Decline From Tax Reform Failure

One of the caveats in Goldman’s outlook centered around the idea that tax cuts might not materialize or, perhaps more appropriately, that this process will continue to be so fraught as to make it a source of ongoing angst as opposed to a reason to celebrate.