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Is This The Tax Plan ‘Rally’?

Is this it?

The initial, morning knee-jerk reaction didn’t say too much about the market’s faith in the GOP tax plan outlined on Thursday.

Relatedly, I’m not sure this instills much in the way of confidence either:

But it looks like “hope” is getting priced back in.


Perhaps most notably, small-caps are rallying to their highs of the day:


As are mid-caps:


Meanwhile, the dollar and yields are perking up after seemingly giving the “plan” the thumbs down earlier in the session:


If this is it, I think it’s fair to say it’s been disappointing.

Amusingly, the NFIB ain’t feelin’ it:



1 comment on “Is This The Tax Plan ‘Rally’?

  1. Hey Ryan, where’s your balls. Need them back? These fascists in the House are the hypocrites that the American people are relying upon to protect our constitution. We are in trouble.

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