Trump Announces Broadcom Moving Headquarters Back To U.S., Shares Plunge

It's all about "U.S. cities, towns and workers."

A grinning, orange Donald Trump has just announced that Broadcom is moving its headquarters back to the U.S. from Singapore, a move he says will mean more than $20 billion in annual revenue will be returning to “U.S. cities, towns and workers.”

He’s been teasing this for days and you can tell by looking at him that he can barely contain himself. You should note that while this is being tethered to the tax announcement, the company’s move to the U.S. will take place irrespective of whether the Republican plan passes.

The shares promptly plunged to a day low:


Also worth noting here: the company has a deal to buy Brocade Systems held up in CFIUS review. As ABC dryly notes, “by becoming a U.S.-based company, Broadcom would avoid the CFIUS process.”




1 comment on “Trump Announces Broadcom Moving Headquarters Back To U.S., Shares Plunge

  1. Yes – Elizabeth (Trump) I too find it incredulous that your son Donald Trump made it to the Oval Office, but absolutely astounding that he is still there after all the damning evidence of his illegally gained election to the Office of the Presidency. If your husband – Fred (Trump) is back from his KKK meeting, perhaps he can tell us why he thinks his son Donald is still in Office and how typically low income KKK members will benefit from the Russia-publican tax plan. You know the plan that benefits the 1% of Americans that own 66% of the assets in the country.

    What a bunch of political enema bags – Russia-publicans and Democrats alike. Because you know the near silent Democrats are loving every moment of the unwinding of the Russia-publican Party – and knowing the new American Nazi Conservative Party (that might ultimately attract 20% of uneducated and ignorant white voters) that Steve Bannon is trying foment, is only going to serve as condensed target for future FBI investigations. The Dems are just setting back knowing the more miserable the average voter gets under the Trump Reality Show Presidency, the easier their campaigns will run in 2018 and 2020. Assuming they don’t do something as dumb as Trump – like running HC again.

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