Trump’s Definitive Answer On Tax Cut Phase-In: ‘We’re Not Doing That. Hopefully. But Some People Have Mentioned It.’

Let me ask you a question: at what point do you stop believing this guy?

On Monday, the dollar and yields fell in the minutes following reports that  house tax writers are pondering a gradual phase-in for the corporate tax-rate cut Trump is pushing for. That’s according to a member of the chamber’s tax-writing committee and a person familiar with the discussions.

Well just a few minutes ago, when asked about those “rumors”, Trump said this:

We’re not looking at that. Hopefully not. It’s something, some people have mentioned that. But hopefully not.

Any idea what that means? No? That’s because it doesn’t mean anything.

And yet people are going to trade on it aren’t they? They sure as hell are. Look:


That soundbite from him is exactly like this one from the already infamous Lou Dobbs interview:

Don’t worry: when he “says maybe, he thinks he knows exactly what he’s talking about.” Even if the rest of us have no idea.

More bullets on this from Bloomberg:

  • Trump says Democrats don’t know what’s in the tax bill yet because it’s not out; says they’ll say it’s for the rich regardless; predicts some Democrats will eventually vote for it; doesn’t specify possible Democrat backers
  • Says he wants House passage of bill by Thanksgiving, enactment by Christmas
  • Trump says will be announcing return of a “big” company “very shortly”; doesn’t specify further

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Definitive Answer On Tax Cut Phase-In: ‘We’re Not Doing That. Hopefully. But Some People Have Mentioned It.’

  1. and then he pulled the same shit he did with his cabinet puppets not long ago…he asked a few people to speak and they obviously had pre-planned it and gushed with compliments on him and then I puked.

  2. How long has Papadopolous been on the wire and how many people did he talk to? My guess is a lot longer than the Fed’s are telling us and copious as in many. Did Papadopolous start around August 10th the day of his arrest or around October 5th the day he plead guilty? There are a lot of people wondering the same thing and I wouldn’t want to be one of them.

    The “Alligator in Chief” better start warming up the pardon pen this could be a very long list.

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