‘This Is Just More QE’: The Tax Bill Explained In One Sentence

All eyes are on the tax bill this week and as we detailed on Sunday evening, the verdict is already in on who the plan benefits. This is no "middle class miracle." This is not "for working families." Independent analysis has shown over and over who wins from this bill: corporations and the wealthy. Apparently, America knows this - or at least according to the NBC poll cited in the post linked above. In many ways, this plan is the antithesis of Trump's promise to fight for working class, everyd

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5 thoughts on “‘This Is Just More QE’: The Tax Bill Explained In One Sentence

  1. I’m against the tax bill because it just increases the deficit. What Republicans should be doing is cutting spending, not cutting taxes. They should also be reining in the Fed’s monetary manipulations (i.e. QE and Fake Interest Rates). The Fed is the primary cause for income inequality in this country. I imagine that even a Leftist like Heisenberg would approve of getting the Fed under control.

  2. A leftist like me would approve of getting rid of the fed entirely.

    This private bank scam has helped set in motion the causal need for war in the Middle East that will create the perfect cover for the everything bubble to pop, all the while waiting in the wings massive amounts of capital ready to swoop down and buy essentially the remnants of a smoldering middle class.

    Forget about have and have not’s it will be master and slave all over again. These tax cuts are just part of the plan. “Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free”. (Dire Straits)

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