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Trump Delivers The ‘Details’ Of His ‘Major’ Middle Income Tax Cut

"No, no."

"No, no."
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6 comments on “Trump Delivers The ‘Details’ Of His ‘Major’ Middle Income Tax Cut

  1. My best guess: he knows that the first thing the Dems will do after taking the House and Senate is adjust the taxes reform act to benefit the middle class. trump is trying to get ahead of it to take credit for it. I don’t think his people (trump only parrots whatever advisor he spoke to last) believe this will affect the election results.

  2. Delusional Don is at it again. Say what is politically expedient regardless of facts and say it with conviction and assume enough people are delusional enough to believe it. Sad!!!

  3. monkfelonious

    Look! There’s a bird.
    No, it’s an airplane!
    No, really, look again.
    They look like little M’s!

    My god, what an impossibly tangled web….

  4. A two trillion deficit makes Jamie Dimon right, but not because we would have long term growth.

  5. Lol did they bust out the old school typewriter for their poll?

  6. are we sure he didn’t mean a 10% haircut?

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