By 2023, America Will Be In Worse Fiscal Shape Than Italy, Mozambique And Burundi

Who’s “tired of winning”?


David Stockman: Forget The FBI, This Is The ‘Real Raiding Party’

“While the FBI was raiding the offices of Trump’s lawyer yesterday afternoon, the CBO published a blockbuster report evidencing the Donald’s own raiding party.”

Trader: We’ve Gone From ‘Get Out Now’ To ‘You Have To Be In It To Win It’ In 24 Hours

“…the bid offered spread on opinions just keeps widening.”

Choose Your Own Adventure: ‘V-Shaped Ascent’ Or ‘Collision Course For Disaster’

Hyperbole is fun!

What’s Up With The Dollar? One Bank ‘Explains’ The Greenback’s Trials And Tribulations

In any event, take all of that for whatever it’s worth, and if you don’t agree with it, don’t fret because invariably, this debate will rage on for months.

Goldman Warns On U.S. Fiscal Policy: ‘We Are Heading Into Uncharted Territory’

“This is an unusual course.”

Baby Birds.

I think people might be missing some of the nuance inherent in what’s happened to markets this month. 

‘Is Nobody Gonna Tell Him?’ MAGA And The Pedal To The Metal Economy


Albert Edwards: ‘Trump’’s Grotesquely Ill-Timed Stimulus Will Be Trigger For Market Implosion, Recession’

“…a ruinous fiscal deficit in excess of 15% of GDP will be Trump’s legacy.”

‘This Is Poorly-Timed’: Credit Suisse Ups Rate Hike Forecast Amid Budget Boondoggle

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Trump All Set To Worsen Bond Selloff With ‘Bigly’ Budget Boondoggle

He’s apparently going to just go ahead and abandon GOP dogma when it comes to balancing the budget.

David Stockman: ‘Now Comes The Black Swan With An Orange-Colored Hue’

“America’s economy is faltering not from too little infrastructure spending, but from too much debt—-$67 trillion of total public and private debt, to be exact. So it appears that the bond vigilantes are returning from 24 years of hibernation just in the nick of time to put the kibosh on the Trumpite/GOP’s latest hare-brained scheme to balloon the public debt.”

Trader: ‘The Next Great Crisis Will Be Caused By This’

“The next great crisis will be caused by Central Bankers not realizing that all this monetary fuel they have pumped into the system has finally ignited, and like a bonfire that gets out of control, they have no way of extinguishing it.”

David Stockman Unveils The ‘Watchword For 2018’: ‘UNHINGED!’

“That refers to Wall Street, Washington, the Dems and the GOP, and all the far and near corners of the planet which are implicated in their collective follies.”

Nobody Panic.

Your refund will be escaping this death trap with your life…