Goldman’s Buyback Desk Has Most Active 2 Weeks In History

Goldman’s Buyback Desk Has Most Active 2 Weeks In History

Well it's time for another update on how corporate America intends to spend the windfall from the GOP tax cuts which the Trump administration variously pitched as a "middle class miracle" despite the fact that trickle down economics literally never works out as planned and despite the fact that independent analysis shows that the benefits of the tax cuts will accrue disproportionately to the wealthy. As a reminder, here's what your "middle class miracle" will look like in terms of the distribut
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8 thoughts on “Goldman’s Buyback Desk Has Most Active 2 Weeks In History

  1. well I am on the negative side of that bar in percent change in after tax income and could actually be getting worse — discussions now focus on lowering Medicare benefits. Some reward. You work your ass off all your life, claim no social benefits, make your share of charitable donations, make sure your small group of employees are paid well and have health insurance coverage, ample paid time off, love all animals, save as much as you can but not greedy about it (!) – and your reward ten years after retirement is trump.

      1. I do my share– I have been dedicated to harassing – oops, no – ‘staying in touch’ with Cruz and Cornyn (dumbass Tx reps) at least once a month to twice a month or more often if I awake in the mood or I read some crap they said or I get one of their bragging newsletters about all the good stuff they have done for us every damn month… and I don’t mince my words to them either! I am loyal to my cause, dedicated to live long enough to see all of them out of office, some of them hand cuffed to trump as they are led single file from our WH. I know Mueller is dedicated to getting trump and he is getting damned close to it now.

        And I liked your ‘cadre of crooks’ phrase and will be stealing it! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Maybe neither Senator Ted Cruz nor Senator John Cornyn can possibly be quite as brilliant as Chucky Choomer thinks he is but they both know that handcuffed is a single word and neither needs English subtitles or diction lessons in order to be understood.

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