Will Earnings Season Give Investors Some Respite From Trade Wars And Tech Turmoil?

Remember, the bar is high.


Where Are The Institutional Investors When You Need Them?

Who is going to buy these goddamn stocks?

Here’s Your ‘Plunge Protection Team’ (No Conspiracy Theories Necessary)

No conspiracy theory about Janet Yellen playing futures trader from her living room necessary.

Goldman’s Buyback Desk Has Most Active 2 Weeks In History

Well it’s time for another update on how corporate America intends to spend the windfall from the GOP tax cuts…

David Stockman Presents: A $67 Trillion Nightmare

“To wit, there never would have been a double inverse VIX ETF under a regime of honest money and free market financial discipline; nor would you find European junk bond yields trading inside of US treasuries.”

Corporations Are Buying The Dip, So What The Hell Is Your Excuse?

Don’t worry, you can always lean on the price-insensitive corporate bid.

I’m Long Stocks And Short Poor People As A Hedge

Of course this “fundamentals-based” excuse will be couched almost entirely in terms of the assumed sugar high from myopic fiscal stimulus and deficit-funded tax cuts.

Goldman’s Buyback Desk Went Nuts During Selloff, But It Wasn’t Enough…

Whatever the case, it looks like Goldman’s buyback desk isn’t enough to stop the bleeding in an acute situation…

Two Things: Buybacks And ETFs

Show of hands: who’s surprised?

$250 Billion Is Coming ‘Home’! But There’s A Catch If You’re Hoping For A Buyback Bonanza

The “bad” news is, companies will be less inclined to buy back shares with the money they bring home because… well…

Gasp: Companies Are Spending Less On Stocks!

That’s ok, maybe we can just send a nice letter to the SNB and/or Norway’s sovereign wealth fund and politely ask them to fill the void.

‘Go Figure!’ SocGen Reveals The Ugly Truth About The Buyback Bonanza

“Buybacks may boost the market, but they do not obviously benefit those companies doing it.”

Bad News: The Buyback Scheme Has Reached A Limit

“Perhaps over-leveraged US companies have finally reached a limit.”

There’s Good News On Buybacks! Just Don’t Read The Fine Print…

“Really though, we needn’t think too hard about this.”

One Chart Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Buybacks

Any questions?