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SocGen’s Lapthorne Will Beat This Dead Buyback Horse As Many Times As He Needs To, Got It?

Obviously, they are - connected that is.

We've reluctantly plunged back into the increasingly contentious buyback debate over the past week. I say "reluctantly" because at this juncture, this discussion is about as polarized as American politics, which I suppose is only fitting considering share repurchases have become a highly politicized debate. Read more Some Context For The Explosion In Corporate Debt Goldman Wants To Talk To You About Buybacks Because You’ve Got This All Wrong, Ok? Already incessant financial media coverage (and really, coverage by media outlets that aren't market-focused as well) has seemingly kicked up a notch over the past couple of weeks, so it isn't surprising that SocGen's Andrew Lapthorne, buyback crusader extraordinaire, was out weighing in on Monday. While perusing our archive to determine when we last covered Lapthorne's buyback criticism, we stumbled across the following passages, which we'll just reprint here for anyone who needs a refresher. To wit, from an August post: I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that when it comes to criticizing financial engineering gone wild in an era of easy money, Lapthorne is the most outspoken critic on the Street. He’s been raili
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2 comments on “SocGen’s Lapthorne Will Beat This Dead Buyback Horse As Many Times As He Needs To, Got It?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very convincing , the trouble is in a market that has been anesthetized to rational arguments absurdity becomes the norm.

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