Just Take A Minute To Appreciate How Bad Paul Manafort And Rick Gates Are At Being Criminals

Just Take A Minute To Appreciate How Bad Paul Manafort And Rick Gates Are At Being Criminals

By Evan Hurst as originally published over at Wonkette and reposted here with permission Another morning, another round of LATE AFTERNOON NEWS DROP to catch you up on, and it is that special counsel Robert Mueller has dropped a new 32 COUNT INDICTMENT on Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, just in case we didn’t think they were guilty enough already. And oh boy, for a document about bank and tax fraud, it’s quite a fun read, because these guys are brazen IDIOTS. These indictments, on top
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6 thoughts on “Just Take A Minute To Appreciate How Bad Paul Manafort And Rick Gates Are At Being Criminals

  1. I know I bump against Webster but I see a criminal as someone who steals to feed himself, family, or habit. A crook steals only for money or the love of money. alot of crooks in that White House. To quote John Fogerty, “Lord, don’t they help themselves.”

    1. yep! when I see coverage of a man/woman arrested and in handcuffs for stealing food at the grocery store – and that is only because the store filed charges on them — I never shop there again after telling the manager why. THEN you read about the cop on the street who buys lunches for the beggars from his own pocket and feel your heart swell up with goodness.

      Criminal vs Crook … I just read a comment here: aiiyiiyiii on Goldman’s Buyback Desk H… (link above under MOST RECENT COMMENTS) and told aiiyiiyiii I would be stealing the phrase mentioned!

  2. The strangest lie from Gates came this month while he was queen for a day. He lied to Mueller about a 2013 meeting with Rohrabacher that had already been reported in the news. Why the hell would you lie when you are trying to prove that you would be a good witness.
    Manafort has basically no defense to the charges. Why hasn’t he flipped? He must fear Deripaska and Putin more than life in prison, or perhaps he has some assurance of a Trump pardon.

  3. Saw a tweet today from a young highschooler about Sen. Rubio today somthing to the effect “Senator Marco Rubio should change his name to AR 15 because he is so easy to buy”. From the mouth of babe”s? I love these kids and have enormous respect for their guts people have an opportunity here to join them or keep the gun shooting and deaths piling up.

    Manafort and Gates are arrogant scum spawned by a system that is legally corrupt on so many levels. Maybe Robert Mueller is the beginning of the end of a country that is morally lost, we will see. He is a fine American and I thank him and those who work so tirelessly on our behalf.

    1. I ditto your appreciation for Robert Mueller and his tenacity in this deep rooted investigation; smart man! I also applaud these teens; their parents must be enormously proud of them! I am hopeful that Governor Rick Scott will follow thru with his support and commitment of huge money for school safety and mental health — so glad to see a republican break away from trump’s ignorance to arm teachers and glad to hear him want to raise minimum age to 21 for rifle purchases, just like revolver minimum age is now. More republicans should follow his lead and break away from NRA – what a hoot it is today hearing all the companies/banks pushing out NRA affiliations!

      Meanwhile, trump using his funeral voice a couple days ago, with his phony pledges to help these kids and do what’s needed…blah blah blah …. turns into his same tough guy act and total lack of common sense and right back to his ignorant rants and name calling and campaign crowd jeering – the most disgusting man on this planet. He is the Best Loser of All Presidents!

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