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Trader: ‘Don’t Hold Out For Peak P/E’

"Yet, like all good things, it eventually ended."

"Yet, like all good things, it eventually ended."
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1 comment on “Trader: ‘Don’t Hold Out For Peak P/E’

  1. Jetfire says:

    Which would seem to indicate that the buybacks will drive stock prices to their maximum realizable value just in time for Q4 bonuses. All the while the fed has to keep raising rates because everything looks so rosy. Then all the sudden HY rates spike when something crazy happens. Corps throw their cash into savings instead of buybacks. The pool of buyers dries up. ETF’s are vaporized. Financial Crisis 2.0 is ignited and the Fed has to come up with like a quadrillion dollars overnight. Inflation turns from a stiff breeze into a cat 6 hurricane. Maybe my imagination is getting the better of me, pretty sure Yellen said the ’08 crash was a once in a century thing.

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