You People Gave The Best Earnings Season In Recent Memory The Kanye Shrug. Why?



Trader: ‘Don’t Hold Out For Peak P/E’

“Yet, like all good things, it eventually ended.”

Will Earnings Season Give Investors Some Respite From Trade Wars And Tech Turmoil?

Remember, the bar is high.

Maybe You’re Not A Lunatic Gambler After All, Earnings Beats Suggest

“Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.”

Of Short Squeezes And Outsized Earnings Day Moves

It’s earnings season! Who’s excited?

Cities Upon Hills And Castles In The Sky.

Thank God it’s Friday.

Goldman’s ’25 Ideas For Earnings Season’ & Why Index Moves No Longer Matter

Listen, if you haven’t been able to capitalize on a universe of compelling event-driven opportunities in US equities, then that’s your problem.

It’s certainly not the fault of Goldman’s John Marshall and Katherine Fogertey.

Goldman Previews Q2 Earnings Season

Look, here’s the thing: Goldman has got some shit on their chest they need to get off with regard to upcoming earnings results.

“Hakuna Matata”?

“In our opinion, this is not dangerous market complacency but a reflection of an abnormally tranquil macro environment, with a benign economic outlook, very supportive financial conditions, and lower political risks”…

Goldman Took The Pulse Of Corporate America. Here’s What They Found

” The first thing I’d say is that through March 31, as we look at our results, it’s hard for us to see anything that’s suggestive of a material uptick in consumer confidence or consumer or commercial spending.”

Here Are Goldman’s “25 Tactical Trades” For Earnings Season

Ok, so who’s excited about earnings season? If you raised your hand, then Goldman has some knowledge they want to drop on you. Specifically, the bank is out with a list of their “25 most differentiated ideas ahead of earnings,” which is an unnecessarily euphemistic way of saying this: “here are the 25 stocks where…

Trader: Shut That Lyin’ Mouth And “Get ‘Em While They’re Hot”

“Too many commentators have fallen into the “everything is binary” trap and decided that if you assume each event will end badly, there’s material to turn out a good rant”

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Earnings

You’d better hope…

Mind The GAAP

“I pro-forma’d the f*ck out of those people in there! Voila!”…

Wednesday Chart Check (EU Head Scratcher Edition)

Riddle me this Batman…