Barclays Surveys 885 Investors – Here’s What They Found

Barclays Surveys 885 Investors – Here’s What They Found

I've said it until I'm blue in the face (or maybe "yellow in the face" is the better way to phrase it given my recent brush with a jaundiced death): geopolitics is the single most important factor for markets headed into the new year. Personally, I'm predisposed to thinking that geopolitics is almost always the most important factor for investors to consider when thinking about markets unless there's some clear and present danger like the imminent collapse of the US housing market. Needless to
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One thought on “Barclays Surveys 885 Investors – Here’s What They Found

  1. These are the same investors that didn’t see 2008 stock market and real estate collapse, Brexit coming, didn’t see Trump getting elected, and those that didn’t believe the Fed would raise yesterday (particularly those holding gold stocks). We live in an age of “information pollution” where unqualified opinions, computer models and surveys are accepted by the 95% of the critically thinking challenged US population – over hard reproducible data and the observable present. For example, did anyone see Forbes article on KSA’s reevaluation of their ARAMCO IPO in the US and as well the related business investment funds in the US. In many ways the US population (its voters and or investors) are not exactly an intellectual strong hold on the planet.

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