Goldman Reportedly Angry That CFTC Didn’t Give Them Proper Heads Up On Bitcoin Futures Launch

“It’s critical for major clearing firms like Goldman to be prepared.”


Goldman Asks The Big Question: Can Bitcoin Succeed As Money?

Spoiler alert…

Goldman Readies Bitcoin Trading Desk While Kolanovic Marvels At Volatility ‘Unlike Anything We’ve Seen’

And when “presented” with that opportunity in an environment where trading revenues are drying up, you can bet the whales and squids are going to come knocking demanding their “fair” share of the action.

The Great Tuesday Night Bitcoin Flash Crash And Goldman’s ‘Robot Money’ Thesis

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this gets more insane literally by the minute.

Goldman: Sorry, Bitcoin Is Not ‘Taking Demand From Gold’

Draw your own conclusions.

Goldman’s Blankfein Says Bitcoin Is For ‘Fraud’ But Don’t Worry, Trump Administration Is ‘Monitoring It’

“One of the main uses of Bitcoin is as a vehicle to perpetrate fraud.”

Goldman: Bitcoin Could Be Headed To $7,941

Submitted for your approval…

Goldman Asks: ‘Is Bitcoin The New Gold?’

“An understanding of the physical nature of Bitcoin allows us to revisit our previous analysis of the physical characteristics of precious metals, comparing and contrasting them with cryptocurrencies.”

Blankfein: Goldman Isn’t ‘Endorsing Bitcoin’ – Until They Decide How Profitable It Will Be

“Still thinking about #Bitcoin.”

Goldman To Start Bitcoin Trading Operation: WSJ

“In response to client interest in digital currencies we are exploring how best to serve them in this space.”

Eddy Zillan’s i8, A Cryptopia In Puerto Rico And Why Bitcoin Is Going To Zero

But here’s the thing. I’ve got to tell you that I don’t think I have ever witnessed anything that is as absurd/insane as the cryptocurrency mania.

Bitcoin And VIX Correlation Has Increased ‘Dramatically’: The ‘New Frontier Of Risk-Taking’

And there you go. Another way for cryptocurrencies to morph into a systemic risk…

Bitcoin Falls Below $10,000 (Again) As South Korea Stamps Out Anonymous Trading

The “revolution” has seen better days.

If You Were Japanese, Would You Go On A Spending Spree To Celebrate Your Massive Bitcoin And Equity Gains?

…what we wanted to point out are the multiple layers of irony here.

Goldman’s Commodity Revenue Plunges 75% To All-Time Low (Maybe Fire Up That Crypto Desk, Lloyd)

That’s some rough shit right there, and it underscores just how dire the situation had become when the bank embarked on an effort to turn things around after an abysmal Q2 performance.