Nouriel Roubini On Bitcoin, Blockchain Amid Crypto Turmoil

"Does any innovation in the crypto ecosystem look promising to you?," Goldman's Allison Nathan asked Nouriel Roubini, during an interview for the latest installment of the bank's "Top Of Mind" series. "Not really," he replied. While Bitcoin adherents (and crypto proponents more generally) would surely find Roubini's arguments unconvincing, I'd submit that his straightforward answers to Nathan's questions were difficult to refute. For those unfamiliar, the bank periodically publishes expansive

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6 thoughts on “Nouriel Roubini On Bitcoin, Blockchain Amid Crypto Turmoil

  1. What I have gotten from the articles on h and others criticizing Bitcoin, is to not nominate myself as a greater fool by buying some. I wasn’t convinced either way I was just simply ignorant. And I realized I would never be fully cognizant of all the risks. For me that is a reason to not invest because most people in such a situation are investing without being cognizant of any of the risks.

  2. Got back from church and read the article H, have more faith in the place I just left than the almighty bitcoin algo…

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