$640 Billion Is Most Bullish Since Peak ‘Everything Bubble’

Fund managers are the most bullish since the height of the so-called "everything bubble." That's according to the June installment of BofA's popular survey, which this month included responses from more than 200 pros with a collective $640 billion in AUM between them. The figure below is the broadest fund manager sentiment metric from the poll. It aggregates cash levels, stock allocations and growth expectations. We've come a long way since SVB, when fund manager sentiment troughed for the

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One thought on “$640 Billion Is Most Bullish Since Peak ‘Everything Bubble’

  1. While I don’t try to memorize all of the ‘rules’ of Wall Street, it makes sense to me that recessions have tended to come either with or just after Fed rate cuts. They’re never in front of the economy, right? So how do so many see multiple rate cuts but ni threat of recession for all of 2025? It doesn’t seem to add up for me.

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