Introducing 0% Coupon Bitcoin Bonds, By MicroStrategy

Introducing 0% Coupon Bitcoin Bonds, By MicroStrategy

I've heard some bad ideas in my time. Indeed, I've had some bad ideas in my time. And I've participated in plenty of bad ideas conjured up by other people. As someone who speaks from experience, let me tell you something about bad ideas: They don't always go wrong. Especially not in the near-term. In fact, bad ideas involving schemes to make large sums of money have a way of going right in the near-term, assuming the people involved are smart, conniving, or, less frequently, actually believe w
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3 thoughts on “Introducing 0% Coupon Bitcoin Bonds, By MicroStrategy

  1. They are perpetual calls- with giant counterparty risk. The market is probably not pricing that risk properly- that is obliquely what you reference as your common sense not liking the idea even if it works well in the short term.

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  3. The real question is regarding the “no risk” part. If BTC goes to zero (say), can MicroStrategy still pay off its loans based on its mundane revenue?

    Same question if BTC goes to 10K, 20K, 30K… I assume that, above 30-40K, MicroStrategy would be okay but who knows? What’s their average initial cost on BTC?

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