A Varied Mix

A Varied Mix

"He went by 'Roaring Kitty' on YouTube – where cats and kittens are a favorite subject matter," reads one passage from a highly amusing class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Massachusetts against Keith Gill, the most prominent figure from the Reddit side of the GameStop saga. While any outside observer would have a difficult time making it through even the first couple of pages without chuckling, the situation is the furthest thing from funny for the would-be plaintiff, Christian Iov
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6 thoughts on “A Varied Mix

  1. Ride-sharing is “a much more profitable business than electric vehicles.”

    A) Is that factual? I don’t recall Uber turning a profit recently.

    B) Is it just me or does that statement seem very bearish on the EV business if you’re comparing it unfavorably with ride-sharing?

  2. “Every attempt at preemptive language risks the market pricing in a taper, no matter how many meetings you implicitly try to insert between what you’re saying today and the time of the eventual taper. This is part and parcel of why central banks end up in suspended animation — unable to move or even to speak.”

    Well said, sir. Traders in many market casinos love to extrapolate one move into a series of five or more, only debating how quickly the next moves will follow the first.

    Thus, the Alan Greenspan obfuscations.

  3. Cathy Wood is like the proverbial bell ringer at the top…except there’s never been coordinated fiscal and monetary stimulus with Zero short term rates before…so my 55 years of market experience is on hold for now

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