Totally Inexcusable, Wholly Predictable

Totally Inexcusable, Wholly Predictable

"Let me be clear: Things are going to get worse before they get better," Joe Biden said Thursday afternoon, in the course of outlining a revamped strategy for tackling America's COVID-19 epidemic. He reiterated a series of statistics that are all too familiar to those who've kept themselves apprised of the pandemic's evolution. The US accounts for a disproportionate share of global virus deaths, a fact that's totally inexcusable and wholly predictable all at once. Inexcusable because the US th
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5 thoughts on “Totally Inexcusable, Wholly Predictable

  1. To my more conservative friends and associates who have referred to masks variously as “obedience muzzles” and the like, I have tried to make the analogy to masks as detour signs: neither Republican nor Democratic but just there to keep you, and those guys working on that sewer line, safe. Its that simple. Bitch about it if you want but try not to barrel though the work zone, please.

  2. Ambulance crews in Los Angeles have been told not to bring covid patients with little chance of survival to area hospitals.
    It seems like not having a plan to deal with covid is a peacetime crime against humanity.

  3. H, so far on this site, I’ve been a bucket of sunshine. Unfortunately, I’m not carrying anything like better news. I predicted 120,000 hospitalizations months ago and that is one of the few times in my life in which I wish I wasn’t right.

    Frankly, I’ve no idea where this is going to go. We are quite simply in an arms race. We have two variants that have combined, 501 and 484. 501 is more infectious. 484 tends to evade natural infections and allows reinfections.

    Screw this crap. This thing, if it is what I think it might be overwhelms anything I want to pluck out of my calculator. We are talking about a 4th wave. This wave may be different since the 501 tends to have an inordinate effect on the young and if it carries the 484, it is possible there can be significant reinfections.

    I won’t even try to pull out the calculator on this one. I don’t want to see this and even as I write this I am wiping my eyes. Maybe this doesn’t work out as to what I’m seeing. I would be good with that but I don’t want to look not until we exit this tunnel. Will this shit ever end?

    I am reminded at this time of the saying, “More die of heartache.”

  4. How could there be no mass vaccination plan in place? As my grad school boss told me all the time… a bad plan is better than no plan!

  5. I don’t agree with your old boss. Clearly what we have currently is a bad plan and it isn’t working . There are 330 million people in the US. 70% of that # is 230 mil x 2 doses each = 460 mil shots needed for the year implies a solid need for 1.5 mil doses a day. Every day that goes by without that is no good and puts us into 2021 when we will already need to doing it all again. Truth tellers will have to be saying we somehow have to give 3 mil shots a day for any chance at “normalcy.” I don’t like the current bad plan all that much. I’m 76 with a BMI of 44 and high blood pressure. I’m on the list but that and no amount of money will get me a shot anytime soon. My state doesn’t even know where its supply is and the governor thinks Trump won, even this morning.

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