New Week, Same Virus

New Week, Same Virus

Markets will kick off the new week confronted with more disconcerting news flow around the virus, even as US equities are looking to build on gains that took the S&P to record highs on Friday. Boris Johnson is self-isolating after an encounter with a lawmaker who later tested positive. Johnson was criticized in the earliest days of the pandemic for adopting a relatively nonchalant attitude towards the disease, before contracting it himself. Two weeks ago, Johnson ordered England back into l
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3 thoughts on “New Week, Same Virus

  1. 3-D chess. H, man, you really weave it together.

    Re Turkey, a naive question I was asking myself was way a central authority would not want to surprise markets with a rate hike. Not like we’re dealing with the Fed here. Scheduling an announcements seems so, I don’t know, like it’s going to leak out anyways beforehand and markets will price it in and not be surprised. (Or, maybe that’s the point. Selected cronies can front run and make a killing on bet sizes too small to be detected by regulatory authorities.)

    I admit I’m a creature of the West and it’s quite possible that other nations, particularly such nations known to straddle Europe and Asia, have other tactics at their disposal to manage expectations. Tactics other than what I’m accustomed to. I guess I’ve been watching too much Fed for the last 40 years.

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