‘Get Ready’ (Red Alert Freeze)

‘Get Ready’ (Red Alert Freeze)

"People should get ready," Bill de Blasio said Friday. He was referring to the distinct possibility that New York City will halt in-person learning as early as next week. The city's seven-day average coronavirus positivity rate is on the brink of breaching 3%, the level beyond which de Blasio has said schools will close. Updates will be delivered on Saturday and Sunday. Officials are prepared to close the doors at a moment's notice. "Parents should have a plan for the rest of the month of Nove
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5 thoughts on “‘Get Ready’ (Red Alert Freeze)

  1. I fail to comprehend the palpable abandonment of our nation by our elites and our government. Even Justice Alito, in a speech that leaves little doubt that the court is comprised of at least one partisan, when it’s not supposed to be comprised of any, seems to have been infected with utter disdain for our country. Many of our elites exhibit behavior that some could characterize as harsh and spiteful. What did we ever do to them? We are going to need new elites at some point.

    We had ample warning regarding this winter’s (and, it’s only November!) surge yet failed to act. I chalk this one up to both incompetence and the psyops so many of our citizenry seem to have fallen under the spell of.

    Will be interesting to see how much of an impact the Moderna news is responsible for. Of course, if it’s positive, it might hopefully offset other, miserable news, on the day the press release comes out. Regardless, barring an accident, we should probably see nothing worse than an air pocket going into the end of the year (who knows).

    I don’t understand the calculation in the $VIX and the use of puts and calls that go into it. Regardless, when looking at the charts, seems like $VIX should be lower than the current level.

  2. $VIX should be lower?? Look at a stock like Enbridge. Even though they had very good news and very bad news in the same day, their options traded below recent realized volatility. Look, I get it. I try to do the “double dip” myself (sell the covered call option and try to collect the dividend). But at what point does it become stupid to sell cheap volatility on a volatile underlying? Same applies to the general market.

    1. If you’re a long institutional fund manager, selling SPY calls will provide you small downside protection and greatly limit your upside. And as H has pointed out many times, your bond exposure may not offer any additional exposure.

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