Express Calm

Express Calm

The good news is, US equities managed a rousing session Wednesday, helping to allay fears that the top-heavy summer rally is poised for something more ominous than the "healthy" pullback witnessed over the preceding days. Tech, which tumbled into a correction intraday last week and sealed the deal Tuesday, led Wednesday's gains, jumping some 3%. In an encouraging sign given the rather precarious dynamics that preceded the correction, the Nasdaq "VIX" fell a third day. Wednesday thus marked jus
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  1. I also saw a CBS News poll from a few weeks ago that showed that 57% of Republicans surveyed viewed the COVID death toll as acceptable. It boggles the mind, but as you said, this is a personality cult and they’ll continue to believe that the death toll is much lower than it is and the economy would be fine if we’d just open up. It gets harder every day to put into words the incredulity that I experience on a daily basis. I’d go outside more, but we’re currently dealing with the smoky haze of wildfires out here in California. Surreal atmosphere for surreal times…

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