"We need to close down again in Florida", Rep. Donna Shalala, whose district includes Miami-Dade County, told ABC on Sunday. "It's terrible", she said of the state's coronavirus outbreak, calling the idea of reopening schools "ridiculous". Shalala was Health and Human Services Secretary under Bill Clinton. The state reported 12,478 new cases. It was the fifth consecutive day with more than 10,000 new infections. The total is now in excess of 350,000. As of Sunday afternoon, dozens of Florida h
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7 thoughts on “Alarmists

  1. McConnell has to find a way to endear the GOP to the voting majority. Stringing them along to the edge of the abyss and then offering a handout to enable them to continue to scratch out their existence a while longer (to the election) must be handled carefully. And hidden in the handout should be some more cream for the 1%. He is odious period.

  2. Title: Cholesterol-lowering drug could see coronavirus treated like common cold, study finds
    [The Telegraph]
    Mason Boycott-Owen
    ,The Telegraph-July 18, 2020
    one cholesterol-lowering drug, fenofibrate, showed promising results

    I have no way to validate the veracity of the above news clip. However if it is true the results may be known rather quickly. The drug is cheap, readily available and the action was observed in the lab in 5 days. If validated through what could be short clinical trials as a competent therapy, this could be a way out of this nightmare. My thinking from reading the reports is that the probability of this working at least some of the time is very high. The biggest risk is that it somehow results in worse outcomes for some/all population groups.

    Even if it fails in clinical trials it may point the way towards other treatments that work.

    1. Any therapy that gets them in and out of the hospital fast and mostly alive is the other great hope. All bets are not on a vaccine as there is too much riding on this. Go medical world,Go, You are keeping this ship afloat.

    2. The “promising results” are in vitro, not even animal studies. The hypothesis seems reasonable, and should be tested further. But drug discovery is immensely complicated, and the vast majority of reasonable hypotheses end up not having therapeutic benefit. It is true that this one can be tested in the clinic fairly readily because fenofibrate is already an approved drug. Perhaps even faster would be a retrospective study to see whether people taking fenofibrate were less susceptible to infection or had better outcomes.

      1. Absolutely correct! There are lots of potential pitfalls. I just hope we see a full court press on this drug to see what comes of the scrutiny.

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